SNP odds tumble across Scotland

Following last week’s amazing polling on Scottish Westminster voting intentions, Ladbrokes have had to make some huge adjustments to our odds, with the SNP’s price shortening dramatically in virtually every constituency.


Take Falkirk, for example. When we opened up betting on the seat back in June, the SNP were 7/4 to win it. Now they are an astonishingly short 1/3 favourite. This is a seat with a Labour majority just short of 8,000 votes and is in an area where NO had a fairly comfortable win in the indyref.


Interestingly though, there are still only three Labour held seats that the SNP are now favourites in; Falkirk, Dundee West and Ochil & Perthshire South. They are a long way behind Labour in most constituencies and it is going to take a political earthquake for them to make the sort of breakthrough that these polls are suggesting – which isn’t to say it won’t happen.

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