No, Bradford South is not UKIP’s most winnable seat in Yorkshire


The Telegraph and Argus report contains the following line:

“Pointing out a leading bookmaker had labelled Bradford South as UKIP’s “most winnable” in Yorkshire, Mr Smith added: “It’s a winnable seat – the bookies have very good inside information.” I’m not sure who this “leading bookmaker” is, but a quick look at Ladbrokes’ odds reveals that Bradford South is behind several other Yorkshire seats as UKIP’s most winnable.

Seat UKIP Odds
Rotherham 9/4
Rother Valley 5/1
Wentworth and Dearne 8/1
Penistone and Stocksbridge 8/1
Doncaster North 10/1
Barnsley East 12/1
Bradford South 14/1

Labour remain 1/50 favourites to win Bradford South. Not based on any magical “inside information” but just a realistic appraisal of the seat combined with the money staked by Ladbrokes’ customers


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